Early Childhood Education
Saturday, April 21, 2018


18 months - 3 years
Our teachers introduce routines and positive guidance to encourage out toddlers to develop new skills. Our curriculum meets the changing needs of every child by active participation . The low ratio offers many opportunities for early literacy, math, science, blocks and imaginative play.
Language Development:
  • speak clearly and frequently to all the children;
  • use books, rhyming songs and finger plays to promote the use of speech;

  • Use American Sign Language as an additional way of communication
Physical Development:
  • music and dancing, to help your toddler learn the joys of physical expression;
  • coloring, painting, gluing, working puzzles and building with blocks to enforce fine motor skill;
  • encouraging free play of running, jumping, climbing, digging and bike riding on our playground
Social/Emotional Development:
  • teach and encourage relationships with others;
  • respects others feelings, teaches patience and conflict resolutions;
  • nurture independent activity;
  • support self-help skills;
  • fosters empathy
Cognitive Development:
Help toddlers develop the ability to think, understand and reason through:
  • problem solving
  • relationships between objects
  • using his senses
  • number concepts
  • sorting and matching