Early Childhood Education
Saturday, April 21, 2018


6 weeks - 18 months
Our experienced teachers welcome you and your baby into a warm, safe, clean, low-ratio environment.
Our daily routine of holding, soothing, play, singing, and responding vocally are vital in developing the connection between teacher and your baby. Babies grow and change quickly, so consistent and frequent communication with parents is key. Teachers prepare daily detailed reports with your child's eating, sleeping, diapering and developmental activities. We value your thoughts about your child's development and encourage you to share these with us.
Language Development:
  • speak to your baby clearly and calmly
  • refer to your child by name
  • repeat sounds your child makes
  • name objects your infant sees or picks up
  • acknowledge your child's feelings and sounds
  • introduction to sign language
Physical Development:
  • clean, comfortable, open floor space for exploring
  • a variety of stimulation
  • child friendly toys to encourage development
  • soothing music, singing and finger plays
Cognitive Development:
  • a variety of cause and effect toys
  • many opportunities to explore their environment
  • physical and verbal praise for accomplishments
Social and Emotional Development:
  • respect and support your child’s expression of feelings
  • nurture your baby with smiles and hugs
  • respond to their daily wants and needs